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Charlie Kim in Congress


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Charlie In Congress

My name is Charlie Kim,

and I'm asking you for the chance to be your U.S. Congressional Representative in IL-14.

As your U.S. Representative, I will serve you by advocating for the enactment of laws that directly impact your lives and give you opportunities and empowerment for a better life.

I am committed to listening to you and answering the important issues that matter most to you and your family.

I will be unsatisfied with confusing answers; where people cannot get a straight answer to their questions. I will provide answers to your questions with the purpose of providing a
stronger sense of community and contributing to the betterment of our country.

Charlie Kim In Congress

My mission is to give you results that protect and preserve democracy for the people, giving us our fundamental human rights and opportunity of prosperity.

My vision for us includes listening to the people and doing my responsibilities for the people, protecting traditional rights of liberty and opportunity for the American Dream, defend our U.S. Constitutional rights (i.e., First Amendment of freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, Second Amendment to bear arms, Fifth Amendment of equal protection of due process, and Fourteenth Amendment of equality and non-discrimination for life, liberty, and property, pursuing a life of happiness), less government interference for prosperity of businesses, governmental support of technology and export trade for global competitiveness, non-prejudice and non-gender biasness for worker’s fair and equal pay, reasonable taxes to reduce inflation costs, responsible governmental spending to stop wasting money of taxpayers, best health care for everybody, reproductive rights for life and prenatal care, strengthen schools and empower students, support community protectors and life-savers (First Responders), strong military defense and military veteran support, improve U.S. Citizenship and immigration rights, social responsibility of safer communities and healthier environments, and equal opportunity for every individual for which she or he stands as an American, regardless of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

My purpose and duty are to honor your trust in me as I serve in the U.S. Congress. I will take decisive action to do what is best for our District 14, the State of Illinois, and the United States of America; I will work to make America better, stronger, and more prosperous for us and future generations.


Immigration and U.S. Citizenship Reform by Enforcing Laws and Not Wasting Money of Taxpayers

We have to support legal immigration and protect U.S. Citizens by enforcing laws and reducing taxpayer burden. Our country is the land of opportunity, yet we are challenged more than ever to hold onto the American Dream. Our government must defend our border by enforcing immigration laws and create a better plan for immigrants to assimilate into our communities. Incompetent politicians have made mistakes in budget and unwise migration policies that are stressing our infrastructure, limiting our resources, and oppressing our opportunities. The American Dream is possible because of U.S. citizens and the contribution of immigrants, who have earned U.S. citizenship through the naturalization process. However, we must act to preserve this process for the American Dream before it is lost.


The solution is to enforce Secure the Border Act of 2023 and not support legislations that are for political interests, i.e., National Security and Border Act of 2024, which supports more assistance to foreign countries than the U.S.A. We must properly implement legal immigration, including the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, non-U.S. citizens by legal entry of VISAs and sponsorships, and other immigration programs that help immigrants become U.S. citizens and protect the unity of families and friends in the U.S.A.

In Congress, I shall create and/or support legislation that will enforce laws to protect Americans First and provide government social regulation of sponsorship to permit legal immigration as my family earned to be U.S. Citizens, allowing an opportunity to achieve U.S. citizenship and the American Dream. My solution shall be an immigration process that is efficient and well-managed to benefit U.S. Citizens as well as immigrants, preventing uninvited responsibilities and unreasonable costs to American taxpayers for the chaos of illegal immigration.


We must be properly promoting our diversity as “one nation” and avoiding "identity politics" to give the best opportunity for Americans in global competitiveness to have a positive tomorrow.

Freedom for Workers and Promote American Business

Hard-working families and devoted employees deserve better incomes, more benefits, and less taxes while also allowing employers to manage and prosper.


The solution is better regulations to promote American businesses and farms by supporting the middle class communities, local businesses, exporting U.S. manufactured products, and reducing favorite trade status to countries that are not mutually supporting the U.S.A. Workers should have the freedom to support or not support a particular organization or association without being forced to pay for membership fees and other costs if they are not involved. We can expand businesses while supporting workers with less government interference, allowing business development for more profits to businesses and more income wages to workers.

Mom-and-pop small businesses and non-profit organizations need more direct financial support, and larger companies need indirect tax savings and direct incentives to work with smaller businesses and self-employment entities, thereby, mutually benefiting from one another to be productive and prosperous with less government involvement. Our government must enact laws for innovative regulations, equal opportunity funds, and adequate resources. 

Promoting Parental Rights, Protecting Schools, and Empowering Students

Our government must listen to parents and support teachers and administrators to protect and empower students to learn and develop their full potential in a safe and supportive environment.

The answer is to allow parental rights to decide the well-being of students. Parents should have the right to choose for non-prejudice governmental influence and the best care of their children in public, private, or home-in schools. Our government must provide necessary resources to protect the safety of schools and support teachers and administrators with advanced learning tools of the 3 Rs (Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic) and other resources that are requested by parents. By doing these essential acts, parents could entrust teachers with their precious children for the best possible education and preparation to be successful and happy in their lives.

In Congress, I shall promote the Parent Bill of Rights Act that gives parental rights in educational institutions and provides necessary support for teachers and facilitates so that the betterment of administrators' skills can empower students to be the best scholars in order to be well-developed citizens for challenges beyond classrooms as requested by parents and communities.


As your representative, I will be the best possible supporter of schools and students because of experiences as a student and a teacher, learning from failures, and enduring the injustice of discrimination. With hard work, persistence, and the support of teachers and the community, I excelled as a student, a teacher, and a productive citizen in our community and country.

The Best Effective Health Care and Affordable Medication and Treatment for Everyone 

Healthcare is a human right, and every American deserves quality healthcare without having to worry about the rising costs and overwhelming control of your health by the government.

Too many working families, military families, farmers, and business owners are forced to sacrifice healthcare costs because of necessary medications and treatments in order to pay for credit card debts, apartment rents, home mortgages, child care items, utilities, foods and more needed things. Our healthcare system is unaffordable and unpractical, which is harmful to our health and deleterious to our quality of life. It is imperative that our government implement a better healthcare system than the current Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.


The solution is to establish a comprehensive healthcare system with patients, providers, and insurance companies in industries of medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance. In addition to these stakeholders, I propose an effective and efficient affordable healthcare system that will not be paid by taxpayers and less controlled by the government. My solution is to have a quality healthcare system that promotes profits for businesses by restructuring and simplifying the current healthcare system to ensure that every family, military veteran, and person has enough coverage for essential medical appointments, medications, therapies, and treatments. Currently, our government is forcing Americans pay for an incomplete health care service with the requirement of an expensive patient's co-pay plan that is not the best benefit for the people.


By embracing my proposal, we can promote the well-being and prosperity of our nation and develop a realistic budget to pay for the best possible health care for all of us.

Reimagining Public Safety and Defending the U.S. Constitution

We must preserve our Constitutional rights and create sensible laws to protect our citizens and First responders that protect and provide necessary care to us. We need a better answer to improve our questionable criminal justice system, which should prioritize not easily releasing criminals into our communities without better preparation to adapt into society. We must support rehabilitation over incarceration because this problem is not only local, but national.

The solution is to protect our communities, permit legal possession of guns and weapons, and support police officers and other law enforcement agents to properly protect themselves to protect citizens. Our laws must prevent releasing ill-moral criminals that disrespect the rights and safety of others.

It is the responsibility of politicians to create and provide the resources to enforce laws that will cease the cycle of recidivism by helping people to become valuable contributors to their communities through sensible government policies and supportive community programs to give opportunities for reformed individuals. Government must make wiser decisions by creation of enforceable laws, implementation of effective regulations, and establishment of well-managed community crime prevention and criminal reform support programs to prevent crimes instead of making excuses for increasing crimes and spending more money for repeat criminal offenders.

Many politicians have distorted the purpose of the U.S. Constitution and created problems for citizens and law enforcement agencies. We must enact realistic improvements for gun safety regulations to support businesses and law enforcement agencies to cooperate and protect our schools and neighborhoods, defending our Constitutional rights to bear arms and defend ourselves. We have to avoid making unreasonable laws to blame gun manufacturers and law enforcement agents in which separate ideologies divide us to fight for different goals instead of supporting the unity for safety of our community and protecting citizens. Our safety is the responsibility of our government as well as every U.S. Citizen. 

The Truth

The truth is that I have the KISS smart and sincere actions with detailed answers that could solve these problems in our congressional district, which are not fully explained in here, yet particular politicians do not listen nor take action.


These particular politicians are playing with us by saying that these problems are complex and difficult to solve so they need more time while we, the people, continue to sacrifice and suffer.


I am determined to make a difference by common-sense acts in creating new legislation and improving laws, devoting all my effort to our cause as your representative in Congress. 

The answers to these issues require the KISS smart and sincere acts that I shall do for the people, because I am elected by the people!

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